One of the experts in Battlefield 2042 can basically hit the wall

As promised, DICE has officially announced the rest of the expert lineup Battlefield 2042Experts are essentially operators similar to the Rainbow Six Siege, with unique passive characteristics and active abilities.

In the initial presentation of the game, we were introduced to four of them-the same four that everyone liked to use during the beta. Later, Kimble “Ireland” Graves, who returned from Battlefield 4, was revealed as the fifth expert, playing a central role in the game’s No-Pat narrative.

Today, DICE introduced and displayed all the remaining five in detail.


Navin Rao is an Indian-born reconnaissance expert. His active specialty is a cyber warfare kit, which allows him to crack enemy equipment and objects in the world, such as doors and bollards. His characteristic is the Trojan horse network, which can reveal the enemies around any player he kills.

San Diego “Bulldozer” Espinosa

Espinosa is a Mexican-born assault expert. His active specialty is the SOB-8 ballistic shield, which he can carry when pushing enemies. His characteristic is explosion resistance, which just allows him to take less damage from explosives and recover faster from explosive damage.

Emma “Sundance” Rosier

Sundance is a French-born assault expert. Her active specialty is smart explosives, which basically allows her to switch between three different grenades: anti-armor, electromagnetic pulse, and anti-personnel explosives. Her trait is one of the most well-known traits in “Battlefield 2042” because it is the wing suit we see in most game trailers.

Baek Ji Soo

Bai is a South Korean-born reconnaissance expert. Her active specialty is the EMG-X scanner, which can reveal the enemies behind her nearby bunkers. She has one of the most powerful features in the Threat Perception game, and can automatically find enemies that cause damage to her.

Constantine “Angel” Angel

Angel is the only other support expert on the list. He is a Romanian, and his active specialty is loading boxes, which can summon airdrops to replenish ammunition, armor, and even allow players to change their loading on the battlefield. Angel’s trait is a trauma expert, which allows him to quickly resurrect fallen teammates and restore their armor.

All ten experts will be available when Battlefield 2042 is released on November 19th, and more will be added to the Seasonal Battle Pass.