One of us is lying is Gossip Girl meets the breakfast club

Even if you have read Karen McManus’ best-selling novels One of us is lying, You will not be able to predict who killed Simon in the Peacock series. According to the 2021 New York Comic Con virtual group and the writers and actors of the new series, there are new suspects and twists that keep everyone on their toes. “We have the same core mystery,” said Erica Saleh, who is in charge of the pilot, but there are more mysteries.

The show-the first three episodes currently available-basically ask “If gossip Girl In custody Breakfast club“When a detained high school student was killed, the problem became a murder mystery. Just like the John Hughes movie, the four suspects came from the four corners of the youth social hierarchy, according to the show host According to Darío Madrona, they all “have secrets they will kill for.” Eddie is a princess; actress Annalisa Cochrane said: “The pursuit The pressure of perfection is absolutely on her head. Actor Chibuikem Uche stated that Cooper Clay is an athlete who “is signing with the Major League of America.” According to actor Cooper van Grootel, Nate McCauley It’s burnout “from the wrong side.” Finally, it’s the brain, Bronwyn Rojas.”[She’s] Didn’t really follow her[self] Because she is so focused on her future that she doesn’t look too young or too interesting,” said actress Marianly Tejada.

“When you were a teenager, everything felt so important,” Madrona said.He also created a popular young adult series EliteAlthough insisting that this series is completely different in theme, it will not be so shameful other than inciting murder. “Everything is so high. Every day feels like the last day. Everything is the most important thing at the moment.”

The murder victim Simon appeared in the series by flashing back his death in the first episode.In life, Simon runs a gossip blog like gossip Girl, Intimidating his high school students. “He took the responsibility of revealing everyone’s secrets,” Mark McKenna (Simon) said. Every time you see Simon in the flashback, it is through the memory of a living character. Because of his reputation, every character may remember him in a positive or negative way. “I have to explain each scene in a different way,” McKenna said of the flashback.

that book One of us is lying Based on the perspectives of different characters from multiple angles, a series of unreliable narrators are presented. By incorporating unreliable flashbacks into the series, the show is able to imitate the feeling of reading the book in a creative way. Even though the show added some wrenches to the plot of the novel so as not to spoil the mystery, the people behind the scenes have found other ways to create faithful adaptations.