Our next update will include the role of sheriffs and scientists, new maps

The next update among us will be partially revealed during Thursday’s Summer Game Fest live stream and will include new maps, new colors and cosmetics, new roles and hide-and-seek mode. There is no release date for this new content yet. The only part of the map we saw was one small environmental asset.

The new roles are sheriffs and scientists.In a hidden roll game genre like Among us, These roles are often used to give more power to the hidden monsters of the private sector. Sheriff may be able to take the scammer out without consensus, and scientists may be able to test the blood type. We need to see how these new roles fit into the dynamics of today’s crew / scammers.

There are some other nice touches, such as new visor cosmetics, new crew colors, and achievements.

Among us Was released in 2018, but the game became significantly more popular in the summer of 2020. This social reception game confronts a camouflaged scammer with a crew. If the scammers can secretly kill all the crew, they win, but if the crew can find the scammers, they win. This is a simple concept that works very well, especially with streams. The game has maintained a steady fandom since 2020 and remains part of the zeitgeist of pop culture.