Outcast 2-new beginning announced for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X

If you respond to the announcement Exiles 2-a new beginning Yes, “I’m not sure if I’ve heard of Exile 1“It’s easy to understand. The sequel was originally announced twenty years ago.

first Exile The game is an award-winning sci-fi adventure game, developed by Appeal and published by Infogrames, and released on PC in 1999.The sequel, originally called Exile 2: The Lost Paradise, Announced the following year, but was never completed due to financial problems.

but Exile 2 It looks like it will happen this time, thanks to THQ Nordic, which is releasing its long-awaited sequel, which is once again developed by Appeal Studios. (The Belgian developer also released a modern remake Exile In 2017, titled Exile-second contact, Published by Nacon. ) THQ Nordic stated that it has regrouped members of the original Outcast team, including composer Lennie Moore, to create Exile 2.

Cutter Slade, the protagonist of the original SEALs, will return Exiles 2-a new beginning. Cutter has been “resurrected by the Almighty Yods”, Steam page of the game Said, and need to save the planet Adelpha from the invading robot forces. Cutter’s jetpack will allow him to “jump, sprint, glide and traverse quickly” Exile 2Open world.

Description of THQ Nordic and Appeal Studios Exiles 2-a new beginning As an open-world action-adventure game with a non-linear story-player actions and decisions will change the outcome of the narrative.

Exile 2 In development for PlayStation 5, Windows PC and Xbox Series X. THQ Nordic did not announce a release date.