Outfield: Echo of the Eye | Today’s New Gameplay

If you like Deathloop or The Forgotten City, then we recommend that you check Outer Wilds. This innovative time loop game from Mobius Digital takes you into the space suit of a brave traveler who begins to explore the solar system. Although the title is not for everyone, many people think that this is an extraordinary adventure. It is bold enough to allow you to explore at your own pace and slowly uncover bigger mysteries.

Mobius Digital has just released a follow-up expansion pack called Echoes Of The Eye. With this new content, players will find a new exhibit in the observatory exhibit, pointing them to satellites on the outer edge of the Milky Way. If you follow this breadcrumb navigation, you will eventually find a brand new halo-like ring world, which contains brand new puzzles, story rhythms and mysteries to be solved. Watch us explore some of these beats in today’s new gameplay.

In our review of the original game, Javy Gwaltney said: “Finally, I admire Outer Wilds very much. Running the whole world on a 20-minute timer is a fascinating craft achievement, but I find it more interesting to think than to play. Many ideas Had to linger here, some of them executed beautifully, others acted rashly and bucked each other. I like to roam in the belly of mysterious planets, but I don’t like this urgency timer that weakens my exploration. Leaving Outer Wilds When I was in the galaxy, I felt tired and satisfied, but I also listed a few fascinating interstellar moments.”

Echoes of the Eye is released today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Since this is an extension, you do need to own Outer Wilds to play Echoes of the Eye, but it will only cost you $15. In addition, it has better Outer Wilds content. Read our complete hands-on impressions here.