Over 2,000 people watched a book someone read in the “Silent Reading” category on Twitch

Over 2,400 views someone Read a book about Twitch. This hour-long page-turning stream benefits from one of Twitch’s new April Fools’ categories: Silent Reading.

In addition to the alert notification, Twitch’s Mary Kish read a collection of Junji Ito’s stories, “Lovesickness,” and said nothing for an hour. The chat is in emoji-only mode and scrolls like any other popular stream, except they don’t react much, just a woman quietly reading a book and themselves.

Twitch launched four other joke categories today: Pizza Time, Character Creation, Housework, Odd Jobs, Errands, and Literally Just Chat. Outside of Twitch’s own streams, Literally Just Chatting seems to be the most popular joke category, but many of these streamers see it as a regular Just Chatting stream talking to their audience. The joke they’re missing is that Literally Just Chatting should be purely a chat between them, with no comments from streamers, like turning Twitch into an IRC chat room.

(Image credit: girl_dm_/Twitch)

Girl_dm, she usually uses her Vtuber avatar to stream while playing games, and on the Literally Just Chatting stream, she doesn’t say a word, but she’s clearly there to perform. She has the most watched stream of the segment before returning to her regularly scheduled Elden Ring broadcast, which is actually dedicated to that. It’s like a 24/7 sub-marathon live stream when the streamer is asleep and the chat has full control over what’s happening on the screen. Her feed flipped from a “come back right away” screen, showing only her own chats, into a fan art collage with Never Gonna Give You Up in the background. She even ran a typing speed test, and only the clicks of the keyboard passed.