Overwatch 2 hands-on: thoughts after weeks of playing the closed alpha

After years of hearing about the unconventional sequel to Overwatch 2, we finally got a chance to play it. PC Gamer is involved in a multi-week closed alpha phase that appears to contain everything that will be in next week’s PvP beta. We got to try a new hero, Sojourn, a new push mode, some new maps, a bunch of hero rework, and a new 5v5 format for the game. Take a look at our impressions above, hear what myself and associate editor Tyler Colp have to say about Overwatch 2, and see our new gameplay in Alpha.

The closed alpha version contains only the PvP aspects of the game. Much of Overwatch 2, the story-based PvE mode that Blizzard hasn’t shown in a long time, is unavailable.