Overwatch 2 makes major changes to PvP-6v5 instead of 6v6, and one tank slot per team

Undoubtedly, it details the biggest changes Overwatch 2 has made to PvP.

Overwatch 2 Game director Aaron Keller opened a long Overwatch 2PvP public stream last night with some big news. Game PvP will now be limited to 5v5 instead of 6v6 in the original game.

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This also means that the team structure has changed, requiring two DPS heroes and two support heroes, and one is causing a lot of controversy. Only one tank.

“Overwatch has always been played by two teams of six players. Overwatch 2 has two players, two supports, two DPS, and one tank. It will be played as a team, “said Game Director Aaron Keller.

“There are many reasons why we wanted to make this change. As I said before, Overwatch has changed over time. In pre-launch games, it’s necessary to build a team from no hero restrictions. You can now choose from 6 Winstons. There are hero restrictions. We’re introducing roll locks in the course of the game, and I feel this is the next step in how to play Overwatch. ” Keller explained when asked about the ideas behind this decision.

“If you think about it, a lot is happening on the Overwatch map. It’s incredibly fast paced and we’ve always tried to make the battle readable and very understandable. Even with all the work done on it, it can be difficult to keep track of what the other 11 players are doing on the battlefield .. If you remove two of them, everything Is simplified. Players can understand everything that is happening around them and thereby make better choices, “he continued.

Not surprisingly, tanks are most affected by this change. Previously, two cars could be used, so the common tactic Keller states that it can be “repressive” for the enemy team.

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“Tanks can be a problem,” Keller added.

“DPS heroes are simple. They are shooting. But tanks have noisy abilities, or stacking up with other tanks can cause problems that other teams try to overcome and counter. There is. “

Some changes have also been made to the tank class itself, improving its consistency with the overall vision. Lead hero designer Jeff Goodman has revealed that Overwatch 2 tanks are more aggressive and not only absorb the damage of the team, but also demand more from the player.

Broadly speaking, the new limits are designed to allow each of the five players to have greater influence and allow one player to lead the team to victory. I will. Keller also said that this “substantial” change was what Blizzard was behind and what the studio had reached after trying a few other different team configurations and sizes. This change also provided information on the map design, which can be seen on the map displayed in the live stream.

The full stream archive can be seen above and you can see that all of these design changes are actually being made. Overwatch 2 has no release date yet.