Overwatch 2PvP reveals the stream-see it here

By Stephany Nunneley
May 20, 2021 17:53 GMT

Blizzard today hosts an Overwatch 2 stream that sees PvP for the first time.

TheĀ· Overwatch 2 The PvP stream lasts approximately 2 hours and starts at 12:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time), 3:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time), and 8:00 pm (UK).

Blizzard says he expects to see some of the new maps and major gameplay updates that come with the second entry.

“Everything we see to set expectations is under development and is still in the works,” said game director Aaron Keller when the stream was announced. “And we’ll have more to discuss Overwatch 2 PvP later this year, so there’s more.”

In Stream, Keller will be joined by lead designer Jeff Goodman, art director Dion Rogers, and other members of the development team.

You might hear more about the team experimenting with what’s called role passive in PvP.

The final look at the game took place during the Blizz Conline in February, focusing primarily on PvE, hero missions, dynamic maps, and updated hero looks.

The stream above can be seen here from Twitch.Will be Streaming on YouTube..

View on youtube

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