Overwatch’s Anniversary Remix Brings Back Old Skins, Replacing Old Events

Overwatch has been on standby for the past few years, with a sequel on the horizon. In the absence of new heroes and maps, cosmetic events that bring new skins, sprays, and voice lines have been the only things to look forward to. The Anniversary Remix announced today is a three-part event from Blizzard that will attempt to bridge the gap between the current game and Overwatch 2.

Anniversary mix roll. 1 kicked off April 5 and brought back a bunch of fan-favorite skins, some with new livery. Witch Mercy, Oni Genji, Black Cat D.Va, Cultist Zenyatta, Nevermore Reaper and Blackhardt Reinhardt all feature white as their primary color. Additionally, skins that were only available during limited-time events like Bastet Ana, Combat Medic Baptiste, and Nano D.Va are also returning as weekly challenges that require a few games to earn.Sorry Pink Mercy fans, that skin won’t come backfor whatever reason.