Overwatch’s new YA novel finally gives us the exciting McCree of teens

* Spittoon sound *

Well, well, well … I want to know a little more about … Overwatch Is it Gunslinger Jesse McCree? Over the years since Blizzard Entertainment’s hero shooter was released, Blizzard has dropped a bit of folklore on us. Get a glimpse into the life of his outlaws as part of the Deadlock Gang and Blackwatch. We know him best from his voice jokes and quarrels (for example, “noon somewhere in the world.”

It’s not a big deal to work on, but it’s something. surely, Overwatch Animated short stories are good, but for a real lower nerd, the best niche information is: Overwatch‘S latest work is called Young Adult Original Deadlock Rebels, Written by author Lindsey Erie. And here is the best part. It’s about McCree and Ash’s gloomy teenage years.

Deadlock Rebels Released on Tuesday as a follow-up to. OverwatchThe first YA novel, Numbani Hero.. I’ve known this book since last year, but the release brings something new. Overwatch Teenage heroes McCree and Ash.

image: Xiao Tong Kong, Blizzard Entertainment / Scholastic Books

Look at those little troublemakers — Ash, her hair makes clouds like the sky of the prairie at dawn. And the “local villain” McCree barely has a nape of the face. .. Then there’s BOB, an ash omnic butler with a rugged beard. The big “Don’t talk to your teenage daughter” energy, there. This is very nice.

The following is an excerpt of the description.

When Ash was arrested again on the morning of graduating from high school, Ash’s distant old rich parents decided to drag her out of the family’s property. To steal her, Ash teams up with Omnic Butler, BOB, and the local villain Jesse McCree to rob the trio into a quick money and dangerous alliance game. Along the way, Ash realizes that his family isn’t just about blood. It’s about people who push their backs when they turn their backs against the wall.

Technically, McCree has been with the deadlock gang since he was young Overwatch An old photo found in the Skin and Anna Origin Video. OverwatchThe age timeline may be a bit confusing, but these are right Since I was a teenager at McCree.

Overwatch group photo

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Deadlock Gang skin McCree

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

But let’s look at the reality. These are not teenagers. Adult actors who play the role of high school students. Painted by illustrator Xiao Tong Kong, Teen McCree is now orthodox.It’s more than a CW drama Ben Platt playing Evan Hansen In a new movie.

Deadlock Rebels Paperback is $ 9.89 An e-reader costs $ 6.99.