Owl Boy developer unveils Vikings on trampoline

Developer of Owl Boy (opens in new tab) Their next game has been revealed, delightfully titled Vikings on Trampolines. You might guess there’s more to it than the name, and it does, but honestly, it’s clearly about the Vikings, bouncing around on trampolines. It’s a simple concept, and creators D-Pad Studio say it’s inherently accessible because the controls really only require one hand, but it’ll have single-player and co-op campaigns, multiplayer challenges, and a variety of miniatures game.

During the campaign, you’ll see you play as the “Bad Balloon,” presumably by bouncing and violently popping his followers, who are also balloons. Multiplayer battles range from simple-sounding (knocking other Vikings off a trampoline) to various stages that seem rather complicated, complete with powerups. There will also be the word “trampoline”, in which case I find the phrase to be both irritating and irritating, although no exact example is given in the trailer other than what looks like a football.