Oxenfree 2 has been delayed

Night School Studios postponed “What happened to that radio?” thriller game Oxenfree 2: Lost Signal. A fall 2021 release date was originally announced, then pushed back to 2022, and now it’s been pushed back to next year. “Seeing your fan art, reading your inspiring reviews, and connecting with you fueled our ambition to make this game the best game yet,” Night School said Twitter (opens in new tab). “To really differentiate OXENFREE II and add more localization, we’re moving the release window to 2023.”

The original Oxenfree put us on the list of the best horror games with its grotesque vibe, clever twist on the stranded teen subgenre, and great dialogue. In his Oxenfree review, Andy Kelly wrote: “Conversation in video games often sounds like two people taking turns reading the lines. But in Oxenfree, the lines are seamless and you can always choose one of the three answers by choosing one of the three answers. Respond. Characters will even react to your silence if you don’t answer them, or if you decide to walk away and ignore them. Combined with great writing and voice acting, Oxenfree is the best virtual for real people to talk to everyone Entertainment is one of the other — which is lucky because the conversation is almost non-stop.”