Pachter predicts that Nintendo’s next Switch system will not be released until 2024

The famous video game analyst Michael Pachter is here again, this time he has started his Pachter Factor Q&A on YouTube And predicted when he thinks Nintendo will release its Switch successor. Pachter firmly believes that Nintendo will not release a follow-up to the popular Switch system until 2024 at the earliest. He said that he attributed this prediction to the system still selling well, while the software said, “Their games are killing it. They just sold so many units of things, and this is because their games are really good.” and As always, we will have to wait to see if his prediction is correct.

“I think the first time you saw a new game console might be [2024] And more likely [2025],” Pachter said. “So again, not because they can’t, but because they make a lot of money on Switch. “

“If the Switch is still $300, then it may fall to $250 after Christmas, once supply and demand balance again. OLED will become the actual model for $300. But they are casting $300 in money.

“The manufacturing cost of this thing is less than 150 dollars. Probably less than 100 dollars. So they can make a lot of money. As long as they have something urgent [to] Bring out a new console. “

“If they think that the competitors are Microsoft and Sony, they will [release a more powerful console],” Pachter said. “This [goes] Back to Mr. Iwata and his blue ocean strategy. This is the mantra of the company.

‘[Nintendo is] I absolutely believe that they are playing in a different playground from the others, and they don’t care how many Xbox or PlayStation are sold. To be fair, if you want to play Nintendo games, you will buy Nintendo game consoles.

“As long as they have good content and a lot of content, they will continue to sell the Switch. One thing they have is good content and a lot. If you start to see software sales decline, you might be worried, but that’s not the case. Their games are killing it. They just sold everything for so many units, because their games are really good.”

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