Palia is the next simulation MMO that allows you to build your own community.

Studio Singularity 6 has announced its first game, Palia.

Paria Is a community simulation MMO that allows players to “build a home and life”, make friends with different characters, and experience evolving stories with other players.

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The game is constantly evolving and has a deep customization system and neighborhood system that allows you to build your own community. Combining community sims and MMO elements, this game gives you the opportunity to collaborate, explore and advance with other users. There is also a social matchmaking system.

It includes a deep customization system that includes a wealth of face and skin tone options, hairstyles and fashion systems. You can combine different components, customize colors and patterns, and save your favorite outfits. New features are continually added to extend the game.

The outline is as follows.

In Paria, humans are a legendary race that disappeared thousands of years ago due to its grandeur and high level of magical mastery. No one in modern times knows why. Players wake up as human characters, create their homes, and build a new future for humanity in a quaint village on the south coast of Paria without any explanation. Working with a large online community, it will take years for players to uncover and fully uncover the secrets of humanity’s past through evolving stories.

Main features:

  • Meaningful world: Paria is more than just a place or a game, it’s a place where you can really feel that you belong. It’s like gathering around the fire and celebrating the success of your fishing with your friends. It’s my feeling when I won the cooking contest with my neighbors. It is a sense of accomplishment after rebuilding the house. It’s your community. It’s a place you can call a house.
  • Large multiplayer community sim: Combining the welcoming atmosphere of a community sim with a large multiplayer world that emphasizes social play, Palia enables players to collaborate, explore and advance with the global player community. With social matchmaking, your friends and neighbors are always close and you can play with them no matter which server you use.
  • Celebration of self-expression: Palia offers a powerful set of character creation options that allow players to show off their unique style and creativity. This includes a variety of face and skin color options, hairstyles that can be applied to any character, and a flexible fashion system. Players can combine different components, customize colors and patterns, and save their favorite outfits. It’s all up to them to be an award-winning cook or the best gardener in the world. New features are continually added to expand player options.
  • Build and decorate your house: Each player has a parcel of land where they can build their own dream home and customize all the details. Players can invite friends to brag about the newly refurbished chef’s kitchen or decorate it with their hard-earned rewards. At launch, over 1,000 decorative items will be available with customization options.
  • Welcome to your neighborhood: Neighborhood, Palia’s version of the guild allows players to collaborate with other players in new ways to build their own community. Players can search for the perfect neighbor hood or create their own neighbor hood. Neighborhoods can complete a variety of collaborative activities to earn unique rewards and show off their collective achievements, whether it’s the # 1 trophy or their own fascinating aesthetic.
  • A dynamic world where you can have fun alone and even more fun together: Whether the player is an ambitious chef, a big hunter, or an extraordinary person who catches bugs, Palia offers a variety of solo and engaging gameplay options, but even better together. I will. As they play, a robust set of simulation systems brings the world to life, reacting to their actions and consistently changing the game. Players meet the cast of fascinating characters, make friends, and fall in love.

Developed by Singularity 6 (S6), the studio is an LA-based developer made up of industry veterans from Blizzard, Epic, Riot, Zynga and Sony.

“Singularity 6 started to create a game that connects people,” said Aidan Karabaich, co-founder and game director. “I’m very excited to invite players to Paria for the first time. Inspired by some of my favorite titles, this game opens up your destiny and makes you feel like you’re at home in a beautiful environment. You can taste it.

“We expect players to play a big role in shaping the game and can’t wait to see what they do in Paria.”

To find out more about the game or sign up for the pre-alpha version that will be released later this summer Hit the official website..