Paradox finally announces Victoria 3

By Stephany Nunneley
May 21, 2021 20:07 GMT

Victoria 3 is real and will be available on PC.

After years of hope, wishes, and prayers, fans of the series are now Victoria 3 It was finally announced.

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The game was played in the early 19th century and is a social simulator that tracks the needs and desires of the people. Each group has its own political and material tastes.

As more and more merchants and intellectuals “request a greater say in how the country operates,” there are conservative factions that can “resist to political reform.”

In it, you also trade a wide range of commodities on a global scale to ensure that your needs are met at home, as the “revolution beckons” if people are hungry and deprived of their rights. ..

Railroad and telegraph. The birth of steamships and flights. Campaigns for mass recruitment, liberation, and women’s rights. During the Victorian era, the world was transformed by new technologies, new philosophies, and new ways of politics. This turbulent century brings new life to this grand strategy game.

game Feature:

  • Deep social simulation: The cultural, economic and ideological sectors are competing for power and resources in one of the most detailed historical worlds of the paradox.
  • Caring for your national garden: Grow, educate, prepare for the future, guarantee prosperity and improve well-being.
  • Wonders of the industrial era: Scientific and social progress gives us the opportunity to improve the lives of our citizens.
  • Sophisticated economic system: Import goods to keep costs low, export goods to enrich citizens, tax the wealth and proceed with the plan.
  • Challenging diplomacy: Maintain a harmonious relationship with your neighbors, or create a crisis to gain valuable resources or open up new markets.
  • Political dealings: Manage the government’s competing interests and open up new reforms, but risk a revolution if you don’t hear important voices.
  • A living world in detail: On a beautifully drawn map of the earth in the 19th century, cities are growing and factories are darkening the landscape. Play any of 183 to dozens of countries and try to claim your location in the sun.

There is currently no release date, but Victoria 3 is available on Steam, Microsoft Game Pass, and Paradox Store.

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