Paradox is “satisfied” with the progress of Bloodlines 2, but will not reveal who is making it

In the Q&A session Paradox Interactive’s third quarter interim report, The topic of Vampire: Fancy Dress Party-Lineage 2 inevitably arises. The question asked was simple: “Any news about Bloodline 2 or its developers?” Paradox CFO Alexander Bricca responded to this: “The new developers are doing a good job. We are now I’m satisfied with the progress, but it’s still a long time before we start talking about the release date.”

When Bloodlines 2 was announced in 2019, it was being developed by Hardsuit Labs, but after the sudden dismissal of two key team members and the departure of another member, it was postponed indefinitely and handed over to another studio. Paradox has not announced which studio, according to Bricca, this will not change anytime soon.