Paralyzed ex-firefighter defeats Elden Ring by blowing into pipe

Zhu Mingjun is a Chinese streamer who rose to fame after he started regular live streaming on the video platform Bilibili, sharing his life stories and perspectives (as well as playing video games). Zhu, a former firefighter, was seriously injured in an on-duty accident in 2013, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down: three years after the incident, he could not speak and still needed a ventilator to breathe.

Zhu can now move a limited portion of his head and torso, and has a custom mouth controller he uses to play games: he explains in this video how it works, which boils down to using two tubes in different combinations child breathing. Obviously, the game at the moment is Elden Ring, and Zhu has been playing it regularly: initially he moved the character with the help of his mother, but now he has full control over it thanks to the encoding of the tube’s response.