Paramount Plus is getting a cheaper ad support subscription option

Paramount Plus joins a number of other streaming services that can be subscribed to at a lower cost. The company announced a new $ 4.99 subscription layer on Monday.

Similar to HBO Max’s new subscription level, the new version of Paramount Plus will show ads to offset the price cuts. Unfortunately, Paramount doesn’t provide details about what your ad will look like and how often it will play.

Paramount is currently the third streaming service to introduce an ad-supported version of the platform. Paramount states that subscribers at both prices will have access to the service’s new summer content, Rocketman, Skyfall, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Footloose, ICarly, Evil, And The Good FightIt is not specified whether these customers will have access to all available content on the platform or only specific content.

One of the surest new users will get is a new movie. infiniteThe first major exclusive release of Paramount Plus, starring Mark Wahlberg, will be released on June 10th.

The new version of Paramount Plus will be available on June 7th.