Paranormal activity restart trailer teases Paramount Plus 2021 release date

In another supernatural activity movie, the shaking camera and supernatural ghost are back.Paramount released the first trailer Paranormal activity: close relatives On Friday, it was revealed that the restart will be released on Paramount Plus in October this year.

Since its first exposure in February, details about the new supernatural activity movie have been scarce. The film was produced by Blumhouse and was described as a new beginning for franchising. According to the trailer, it seems that we can expect some colonial era troubles, mixed with a more modern environment, may be more suitable for the iconic discovery lens of the series, the shaky camera style.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this movie is the creative team behind it.Director William Eubank directed 2020 Underwater, A horror movie set in the deep sea, is more creepy than anyone expected. at the same time, Paranormal activity: close relatives Will be written by Christopher Landon, who directed the “Happy Death” movie and last year’s body swap horror comedy FreakLangdon previously worked in the supernatural activity franchise, directing and compiling the 2014 Paranormal Activity: The Marker, One of the better sequels of the series.

although Close relatives It was originally announced earlier this year, and producer Jason Blum also mentioned it once or twice, and it is expected to be released sometime in 2022. However, with the release of the new trailer, we now know that it was much earlier than expected. Paranormal activity: close relatives It will be released and broadcast exclusively on Paramount Plus on October 29th.