Paria is an MMO that combines Breath of the Wild and Stardew Valley.

Paria There is a very attractive elevator pitch. Developer Singularity 6 promises the following games: Stardew Valley Or Animal Crossing, but its scope and world Breath of the WildStyle open world game. This community-based MMO looks amazingly cold. There are several battles, but none are required. Instead, most of the action is built around home decor, agriculture, fashion, and making friends. You can also stroke a new beauty!

Singularity 6 is made up of Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, and Zynga veterans. The studio’s debut title focuses on coziness with friends. There is a big conspiracy that players explore — we play the role of humans who disappeared from the world thousands of years ago. Now that we’re back, we can build a nice little house and make friends with all the other creatures in the world. Players will get friendship and romance arc rock with these characters over time. Can be released.

Playable Paria Solo, avoid other players. However, this game is built to work well with a few friends. If you want to make a stew, chop vegetables, stew meat, and add ingredients with your friends. If your friends are responsible and trustworthy, you can even give them the ability to redecorate their homes and add them to the farm.

Paria Immediately enter the pre-alpha test phase and interested players can sign up On the official website of the gameThe pre-alpha version is available for Windows PC.Nothing has been said yet about whether Paria Boot on another platform.