Path of Exile: Scourge Expansion Revealed

Today, Grinding Gear Games announced a lot of details about the upcoming Scourge expansion pack in its live broadcast. Many aspects you might expect from most leagues are fully demonstrated here, including a huge risk/reward system that allows you to cheer on your items with demonic corruption.

In fact, when you move from one map to another, you fill your blood cauldron with the power of the enemy, choosing when to activate your device to turn the world into the end of the world and take on as many demonic entities as possible , You can collect a lot of rewards. Although you can corrupt various things and twist them to gain new terrifying powers, you can also upgrade your blood cauldron to better control your transformative powers.

Just like the name of the game in Path of Exile over the years, you can upgrade and adjust almost everything, and this has become one of the most refined “digital rise” games in recent memory. Yes, this means that you can actually place maps in the blood cauldron. If you are familiar with the final stage of the path of exile, Atlas, where you can explore numerous maps with rule sets, you can change these rule sets with a variety of modifiers, you just need to add new twisted and corrupt aspects to the map More fun and variability can be gained in the system.

As in every league, new unique items, items and skills are waiting to be explored in the pool. Perhaps more exciting and meaningful is that Atlas Adventure has been streamlined from eight regions to four, which means that the number of watchstones you need has been reduced from 32 to 16. Represents a huge shift in the time required to reach major milestones in your journey. The Atlas passive tree has been changed to reflect this. Various Uber encounters are now available to endgame players, and Delve (where you go deep into the mines) has been completely overhauled for new experiences. Oh, the passive tree has been redesigned and transformed. Although this happens all the time, this seems to be one of the most influential reforms, so please look around carefully before locking down the construction of this alliance/expansion.

Playing with friends will actually improve in Scourge. Although due to the nature of the game, many people choose to deal with the challenges of Path of Exile on their own, some new connectivity capabilities may now inspire players to team up for some adventures. Although the link, players enjoy various enhanced enhancements, if one player in the link dies, then all linked players will die, so yes, this feature has another risk/reward element. This is always about gambling, right?

If you are interested in all the changes and additions, there is much more content in Path of Exile: Scourge See more information on the official website here.