Pathfinder: Righteous Fury gets the first big patch

(Image source: Owl Games)

Retro CRPG type big boy, Pathfinder: Wrath of Righteousness has just released version 1.1 after a few smaller patches since its release in September. Highlights of this update include improved riding combat in turn-based mode, better performance and visual effects in multiple locations, and fixes to the reaction to the selection of “For example, certain NPCs appear where they shouldn’t be” Sex, and provide better visual effects for some NPCs. There are also changes to the crusade management, including the option to control the army from the throne room instead of walking out of the city like an idiot every time.

The update was a 14.2GB download on Steam, and players on other platforms reported that it was bigger for them, so it obviously contained quite a bit of content. Taking a quick look, I noticed that the units in my expedition look completely different, making them easier to distinguish at a glance, and there is a quill icon in my inventory to mark the scroll, which contains spells that I can learn, which is a blessing .this Full patch notes It’s long, but here are some more interesting ones.

  • Daeran likes to stand on your bed after sex.Now he will adopt a more comfortable posture
  • Primitive tree people sometimes speak the lines of your companions, including those who are not on the team.This is creepy and has been fixed
  • After Daeran’s bathtub disappeared from the commander’s bedroom, the candle no longer continued to float in the air
  • Removed too many minotaurs in Colyphyr Mines
  • During the Fleshmarkets battle, the venture capital captain Gristoff may freak out and start killing demons that are important to the plot. Fixed, but not retroactive.If you have already encountered this problem, you need to load an earlier save
  • Sometimes, when the commander went to Greengates with Arueshalae during the mission demon’s rebellion, the location was empty-fixed.We brought back all the demons
  • Fixed the visual effect of the glorious beard
  • Added beer element portrait