Payday 2 Add Halloween cosmetics and join the skeleton army

The in-game Halloween event in 2021 is still going on, and the co-op wealth redistribution FPS Payday 2 is the latest game to join this year’s creepy harvest. The criminal gang of Payday 2 has apparently signed up to join the skeleton army, because players can get themed suits and masks for free, as well as the weapon charm of the in-game store.

This costume is a suit called the Skeleton Robber. There are three color schemes-bone blue, bone blood rich ore and black to bone-the charm is pumpkin face, called the draped Jack. All cosmetics are designed by popular module maker Luke Millanta, who co-created the weather system for CS:GO.Milan Tower was awarded The Guinness Book of World Records for the Most Followed Content Creator on Steam In 2020, his Workshop page It has now reached 133,835 followers.