Payday 3 Heading to New York, the plot is being digitized

In the 10th anniversary live broadcast, Overkill, the developer of “Payday 3”, gave the latest introduction to “Payday 3”. The brief overview shows some conceptual art and discusses the inspiration and framework of the upcoming co-op heist shooting game.

Payday 3 will be held in New York, and Starwind hopes that the city will become “living” and “huge”. Payday 3 game director Erik Wonnevi said that their goal was to make the environment before the robbery feel like a living, normal reality, and then completely change as the chaos brought about by the crime frenzy drops. For example, Wonnevi shared a pair of conceptual artwork for the robbery environment-one before it started and the other when it started.

(Image source: Starwind)

Environmental concept map in the upcoming game

(Image source: Starwind)

The first four payday roles are back, and Dallas, Hoxton, Chain, and Wolfe are forced to withdraw from retirement and return to the criminal life of old acquaintances. The world of robbery they discovered is now affected by modern problems: the media can easily report the gang and publicize their achievements.