Payday 3 is set in New York and starred by the original gang

We have not heard of the upcoming Starbreeze game, Payday 3 for a while, but during the celebration live, the developers revealed to us our expectations for the highly anticipated robbery shooting game that will be launched in 2023.

First, the game will be located in New York. Game director Erik Wonnevi described the city in the game as “a vivid and huge representative of this city.”

But things will not be the same as in the past two games, or from the initial game, the gangs operate on a more underground basis.

“A game changer: the media is now reporting on this gang, their achievements… who knows what it might bring…” Starbreeze said (via European players).

The game will be played after the events of Payday 2, a few years after the title prank, retiring from criminal activities.

But the world was different at that time. “At the same time, the world of payday has transitioned to the digital age, with software giants, cryptocurrencies, large-scale surveillance and the dark web all playing a role in the new organization of the gang. Gadgets, challenges and opportunities.”

Due to undisclosed incidents, Dallas, Hoxton, Chains and Wolfe (the same group of personnel as in the first game) are all forced to return to criminal life again.

The development of the game was officially launched in 2017, and a release window for 2022-2023 was provided in 2019. It can be said that this game has been developed for some time.

As early as March, we heard that “Payday 3” will be launched on game consoles and PCs in 2023 after a long and difficult development. Payday 3 was originally announced in 2016, and there was news that Overkill had transferred the rights to the payday series back to Starbreeze.