PC Gamer Hardware Awards: What is the best gaming mouse of 2021?

Once we find the perfect gaming mouse, we tend to stick to it till the end. I’m talking about the kind of mouse that fits your fingers perfectly. It sits gently on your palm and slides across your mouse pad like Mickey and Minnie are on ice. However, for many of us at PC Gamer, we are never satisfied. We always want the next best thing. Although I have used Swiftpoint Z and Logitech G Pro Superlight the most in these years, I know that there will always be a better mouse on the horizon.

We have been busy releasing the latest version in the name of science and games. From our tests, we reduced it to three gaming mice worthy of the PC Gamer 2021 best gaming mouse award. That is Razer Basilisk V3, SteelSeries Prime Wireless Pro series and Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champion series.