PC Gamer readers choose to wait to install Windows 11, we won’t blame them

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11, Here, any existing Windows 10 users can upgrade. Of course, with the launch of any new operating system, especially Microsoft’s operating system, it is always careful to make mistakes before committing to an upgrade, or just wait until there is no other choice, and will naturally react. And this is exactly what PC Gamer readers do.

We like most of the UI changes in Windows 11, but the hasty release made us feel headaches about other changes, such as the inability to move the taskbar or Strangely high system requirementsNow, we recommend that most people wait at least until spring, that is, before and after the first major update of Windows 11, before they can upgrade their current operating system.

Having said that, we were curious and asked PC Gamer readers on Twitter and Facebook whether they agreed to upgrade to Windows 11. After 25,000 votes, it turned out that many of our readers are playing it safely. On Twitter, 41% of people voted “not yet” to upgrade, while up to 36% voted “no”.