PC gamers: Blackwell, Rogue Book, Final Fantasy 14, Chicken Cop

The PC Gamer team wearily walked into the office from the rain-drenched sidewalk and took off the drenched windbreaker. The PC Gamer team gathered around the cork board to discuss the latest clues of the case. Explore the dark and dangerous alleys in the game this month, Robert solves supernatural crimes in the Blackwell Five Parts, Robin expands his deck in Roguebook, Daniela discusses community and Motherhood, Luke joined the chicken police: paint it red!

Cracking the case in Blackwell Quintilogy-Robert Zack

(Image source: Wadjet Eye Games)

We all have our own “end a long day” game, where we can relax without the ability to react or fully open the brain. For me these days, those games are Dave Gilbert’s Blackwell series. They are 2D point-and-click adventures in vintage models-they wait patiently when I click through the scene to every detail, they are 100% dubbed, and their jazz soundtrack is like from a New York subway.