Peep into the next crewmate among us before the Summer Game Fest

If you are big Among us Fans, you’re probably used to seeing the crew in a regular color array.But since then Among us The game needs more colors as more players are getting bigger lobbies. Therefore, small tan beans appeared. This is a fun Easter egg if you’re tracking your next development. Among us..

Tan never officially participated in the game. The crew simply appeared during development Tan could be the twelfth color of the game, but the developers used lime instead. You can still find Tan as an emoji on the InnerSloth Discord server. I’m just hanging around.

Tan (or none of the actual crew) has nothing as a character, but fans still like them. The little bean crew causes a wave of fan base, and players come up with small stories based on the crew’s suit color and favorite hat. After all, egg hats have a distinctly different feel than Viking helmets.

details of Among usThe next update will be available at the Summer Game Fest on June 10th.