People once again force the Pope to like Undertale

In our first “Yes, this is completely normal” story in 2022, we are very happy to report that the circus just performed Under the legendMegalovania tracks in the audience Francis. Yes, you read it right.

Some background: Yesterday, ol’ Pontifex hosted the Italian circus Rony Roller as part of the general audience he attended every week. As you can see in the Youtube video embedded below-taken from the Vatican News Channel-the circus ended with an exciting performance on the Sans theme (also known as Megolovania).

You can see the entire audience clip below, but the most interesting part (including Firepower Juggling and Undertale) starts at 53:28. If you want to jump directly to Megolovania, please go to 1:04:40.

This is not the first time a circus has performed for the Venerable (although this is the first time video game music has appeared in the audience). The troupe also performed for Pope Benedict XVI in 2006, and recently they performed a performance for Francis in 2017. In this performance, it remains to be seen whether they will be invited back because of his bad face.

So does Pope Francis like one of Undertale’s most famous tracks? Well, after the show, he said such a show”[put] We come into contact with beauty, and it always brings us happiness”, and then conclude that “beauty is a way to find the Lord” (thank you, game player). So… does he mean you can find God through Undertale? Sorry to explain, but yes! he is!

Strangely, this is not the first time the Pope x Undertale mashup: As early as 2016, Youtuber MatPat was invited to the Vatican Summit to discuss how the Internet “gathers people together” (um). MatPat was told that he should bring a gift to Pope Francis…so MatPat got him a copy of Undertale.

why? Well, the Pope declared 2016 to be “the year of mercy for the Catholic Church, a time to celebrate forgiveness and compassion, otherwise people can choose to hurt one person”, MatPat said that Undertale’s eternal theme is compassion. Go ahead.

What is the next time Pope x Undertale is destined to be? Maybe he will make a cameo in Toby Fox’s next game, bringing the entire relationship between the Vatican and the game into a wonderful and sacred circle.