Perform stunts on huge bosses in the glamorous ashes of the sun and in the sticky ocean | PC Gamers

For a moment, at the end of my recent non-interference preview of Solar Ash, a dark monster crawled across the moon and completely filled the screen. Our protagonist, a “Voidrunner” named Rei, rushes through the cracked shells that make up its skin, gliding between weaknesses, just like the boss itself is a level. It is at this point that Heart Machine founder Alx Preston said: “This is the smallest boss by an order of magnitude.”

Solar Ash has many similarities with Preston’s previous works, the beautiful and unique Hyper Light Drifter. Both have a dreamlike soft world, an unforgettable disaster and peaceful soundtrack, and a fashion sense that favors masks very much. But during our presentation, it became clear that Solar Ash is a more ambitious project than its predecessor—not just in terms of Boss circumference.