Peripeteia is an immersive simulation game where you can play “Living Military Surplus” in Poland in the near future

When I left the bar, the first thing I did was climb out a pile of crates from an alley, so yes, Peripeteia is an immersive simulation game. You play as a former robot soldier named Mary. In a city where the main source of heat and light comes from the fire in the drum, he is reduced to a odd job and a mercenary. This is breaking the siege, except that you are Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, retired and in Poland.

The demo includes two tasks, which are larger than I expected. Huge towers, long corridors full of rubbish, roofs connected by pipes, underground tunnels. This is a good thing, I can sprint forever, jump like obsolete, jump on the ledge, it makes exploration very interesting.

(Image source: The Ninth Exodus)

It is worth exploring, because of course there are multiple ways in each area. The bartender wanted a key card from the gas mask thug who took over the nearby building, and I entered by going high. I stopped to talk about politics with a homeless rooftop resident, because everyone in a game like this wants to talk about politics. In another historical future of Peripeteia, the city once belonged to the Soviet Union, and now it is being contested by various factions and scavengers looking for the rumored hidden treasures of Soviet technology. This is where I come in, I am a surplus of technology myself, called “living military surplus” Kickstarter promotion.