Persona 5 Striker’s January PS Plus headlines

The first few games in January Playstation Plus Program already Announce, They are some very good startups. “Persona 5 Forward”, “Dust 5” and “Deep Rock Galaxy” will join the subscription service in early January.

Persona 5 Forward is essentially a Dynasty Warriors game, except for the Persona 5 veneer. Nowadays, with the popular trends of games such as Hyrule Warriors and Persona 5 Strikers, Dynasty Warriors formula is often more popular with critics in actual Dynasty Warriors games. These games are hacking and slash events, and Persona 5 Striker is no exception.

Dirt 5 is an off-road rally car, our evaluation found that this series has pushed the series into the arcade racing field. In all respects, this is a high-quality game, and if you are a racing fan, it is well worth a try. Codemasters launched the latest off-road racing series products.

Finally, Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative shooting game with amazing depth and personality. While trying to extract specific minerals, you try to survive among hordes of enemies, and you will play as one of four professions. All this is wrapped in a delightful space-themed dwarf.

These three games will be launched on January 4, and “Mortal’s Shell”, “God’s Fall: Challenger Edition” and December’s PlayStation Plus game “Lego DC Super Villain” will also withdraw from service. Although standard PlayStation Plus products pale in comparison to Xbox Game Pass, they are still worth the money for those who belong to the service.