Peter Molyneux uses NFT to make business simulations

Outstanding game developer and provider of unreachable game ambitions Peter Molyneux Announce The next game of his company, 22 Cans, heritage, Will use the blockchain and allow players to purchase NFTs in a commercial simulation game environment.

In this weekend’s activity​​​ Shanda Games At Galaverse in Las Vegas, Molyneux detailed how encrypted games affect the development of Legacy, because Gala Games approached him to incorporate blockchain into the game, and the game is already in development. It is now an unchangeable part of the game.

in a Blog post On the Gala Games website, Molyneux gave an in-depth introduction to how the blockchain works in Legacy. This game is a commercial simulation game in which you can create products using thousands of parts, which are then created by the “army of workers” and sold on the open market. Anything can be traded on this open market, and the goal is to stand out in the above-mentioned market. However, before you start, you must purchase Land NFT to build your business, and all transactions are based on LegacyCoin, which is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain.

Molyneux is not the first game developer to set foot in NFT, and it will not be the last. Ubisoft has built a complete platform, Quartz, dedicated to games and NFTs. Nevertheless, this is not a general outflow of blockchain, because Steam bans NFT games, and Xbox has made it clear that they do not want to have anything to do with their “exploitative” model. Time will tell us the long-term impact of the NFT phenomenon on the game.