Phanmod puts Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitresque in Bloodborne

Come One, Come All — Prolific Garden of Eyes Bloodborne modder and content creators have added Lady Dimitrescu to the game.Lady Dimitresque is, of course, a big vampire woman from Resident Evil Village, Anyone on the internet who is currently crazy about it. This mod allows her to face Clocktower’s Lady Maria in three battles.

This is not a 100% reproduction of the 9’6 inch glorious Lady Arcina Dimitresque. She has been shrunk a bit to a normal ready size, but retains long menacing claws. She also takes the form of the cosmic daughter, Everytas, but transforms.

The two women participated in the best three battles, with Lady Dimitresque winning in the end.It’s so cool to see a Capcom vampire woman walk her life outside village.. Fans love her and are delighted to transform her into a game, write fan fiction about her daily family life, and see her brawl a hunter. Bloodborne..

The Garden of Eyes runs a series called Boss vs. Boss. In this series, you will fight various monsters and tragic characters from the Souls game against each other. It’s great to see a guest fighter appear on the circuit and I’m very happy that she won her debut.