Phasmophobia adds the ghost of Santa Claus

First experience the feeling of horror games phobia Continue to add content regularly in 2021, including seasonal fares, such as Halloween nightmare Added Slender Man update.Christmas seems to be no exception, because recently people have seen a ghostly Santa Report After the mysterious Cursed Possessions update happened recently.

The patch was teased a few weeks ago with some vague comments hinting Christmas [REDACTED] renew And the “strange new ghost type”. We have not determined what this means until recently, when people started to be accidentally frightened by the ghost of Santa Claus. Cursed Possessions also adds spooky items to the game, such as voodoo dolls, summoning circles, psychic boards, and music boxes.

As the update shows: “Some cursed objects were found in places where ghosts haunt. These must be the reason the ghosts are trapped there. You may be able to use these for your own benefit, but be careful, we don’t know. What abilities do they have.” Various other Christmas decorations, such as holiday decorations and snowfall, are now also appearing in the game.

As the darling of Early Access, Phasmophobia is constantly updated during the game’s development cycle, including the Willow Street update a few months ago. With the update of the game, the game has become more and more scary, including more ways for players to interact with ghosts. However, don’t expect PvP in the game anytime soon.

Phasmophobia is now available for early access on PC.You can check the latest patch notes steam.