Phasmophobia Anniversary Update | GI Live

It’s this time of year again. The leaves began to turn. Pumpkin spice and Oktoberfest flow in the street. Spirit Halloween shops began to appear in abandoned shopping centers.The spooky season is here, and we are very happy to start returning on this holiday of the year Game informant Favorite in the office (or least favorite if you are afraid of cats like me). Join our regular Thursday live broadcast this week, where we gathered the best GI ghost hunters team and try to stay calm while playing Phasmophobia.

The classic characters are here. The first is the experienced ghost hunter Dan Tucker, also known as the fearless leader, who will take the crew in the backpack to victory. Next is Marcus Stewart, a confident rising star eager to become famous in the ghost game. At the back is Alex Stadnik, a boy who is afraid of the residents. He doesn’t know what he signed up for and may mess up his phobic teammate’s knack (of course unintentionally). But the weird experience of developer Kinetic Games is a four-player cooperative game; who have we missed? Yes, guys, she is back! Liana Ruppert will join our last live broadcast Game informant (Now) When we return to one of our favorite streaming games.

The fun starts at 2pm on Thursday, September 23rd, exclusively in our Twitch Channel! Suppose you want to learn more about Phasmophobia. In this case, you are lucky, because our own Jay Guisao provides you with updates for the first anniversary of the game, including adjustments to check out Kinetic Games’ indie darling, which is a new single player mode, and more !

Are you excited to celebrate autumn with a lot of horror games? Tell us in the comments below which games you are looking forward to playing before Haloween, and thank you as always for watching the live broadcast!