Phasmophobia celebrates its first anniversary with a new single player mode

When Phasmophobia first landed on Steam as an early access game last year, we emphasized that it is the perfect Halloween game. More importantly, if you want to realize any supernatural investigator fantasy with a group of cowardly friends, then the ghost hunting “detective” game is for you. I was easily frightened, and still invested dozens of hours in the phobia, slowly spreading in its haunted home and liminal environment. From sudden temperature drops to flashing lights, the atmosphere is always tense, and death is waiting for you in every empty classroom or inconspicuous bathroom. To celebrate its first anniversary, Phasmophobia allows players to explore (and hope to survive) in the new single player mode.

Anniversary update patch notes can be found in the game’s Steam page And with obvious small-scale adjustments. For example, a journal overhaul means that tracking environmental clues and hoax tendencies are more accessible than ever. You can cross out the evidence on the ghost evidence page of the journal. At the same time, a comprehensive redesign makes the information easier to understand, so you can spend more time frightening instead of standing in the middle of an abandoned living room and taking out a book.

The new single player mode comes with an offline playback option; you will not be connected to any server.The loop stays the same – Take a bunch of equipment from the truck, venture into a ghastly place, note any suspicious activity while avoiding a one-way ticket to the afterlife, and submit a final verdict on the type of supernatural entity you encounter. Cooperative games are still the bread and butter of Phasmophobia, but if you want to jump in even if your partner is not around (crazy, I say!), then this option is finally available. For more detailed information about the update, click the link above.

Are there any phobia fans here? Have you always longed to play alone? Have you tried the anniversary update? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments!