Phasmophoia Halloween update adds Maple Lodge camp, new difficulty, additional ghosts, etc.

At that time of the year, all your favorite ongoing service games will receive a Halloween update, and Phasmopohobia’s Halloween-inspired nightmare update is now live.

The Nightmare update is officially called update v0.4.0 and brings a haunted camp, a new Nightmare difficulty, four new ghosts, a new weather system and more for multiplayer games. It also brings a lot of changes and fixes to the Early Access title.

“We have received reports of paranormal activity near the old camp,” Phasmophobia Nightmare update page read. “We need you to investigate as soon as possible to find out the cause of these ghost sightings. New supernatural entities have also begun to appear in several haunted places. Be careful outside, the weather has become more violent recently, which may hinder your investigation.”

Of course, all this is playing with some of the new features of Nightmare update. As far as the new haunted campsite is concerned, the map is called Maple Lodge Campsite, which is a medium-sized map containing picnic areas, games, multiple tents, a cabin, and naturally a haunted lake. Kinetic Games said that Maple Lodge Campsite has “more unique objects, higher object density and more visual details”, but the lowest specification computer should still have no map problems.

Kinetic Games also added a new nightmare difficulty with this update. This mode is designed for excellence and is very suitable for those looking for the most intense phobia games. Here is what you can expect in the new model:

  • Ghosts will reveal a kind of evidence
  • Ghosts sometimes change their preferred room after moving
  • No time set
  • The shortest hunting grace period
  • Long hunting time
  • Killing will extend the duration of the current hunt
  • Sanity pills restore much less sanity
  • Fuse box start
  • Almost no hiding place
  • Supernatural interference has damaged some of your monitoring equipment.

Kinetic Games has also redesigned the other three difficulty settings-amateur, intermediate and professional.Go to Nightmare update page More information about these rework.

In addition to the new difficulty and map, Kinetic Games also includes a weather system.

“Every time a contract is signed, the location will have a different weather, adding a new level of the game and making each contract feel unique,” the update page reads. “Changes in temperature can make it more difficult to find the location of the ghost. Rain or wind can damage your hearing, and dense fog can reduce visibility.”

Here are the different types of weather you can expect: clear sky, fog, light rain, heavy rain, strong wind and light snow.

Four new ghosts-Onryo, The Twins, Obake and Raiju-will also use this weather system to scare you. During the Nightmare Halloween event, the spawning rate of these four new ghosts increases.

In other places, the update brings many changes and fixes to Phasmophobia, from “reducing the duration of ghost hunting on small and medium maps” to “fixing the bug that footsteps will continue to exist after stopping movement” and so on.Go to Nightmare update page A complete breakdown of these changes and fixes.

For more information about the game, check out the story about the game Introduced a new single player mode for the first anniversary of Phasmophobia Then check out Game informant Top 10 horror games to play now Find out where the phobia is on the list.Catch up with everything added to Phasmophobia is a big update, with new ghosts, better equipment, etc. After that, return to the August game.

Will you jump into phobia this Halloween? Please let us know in the comments below!