Phil Spencer stated that Xbox does not want to have anything to do with “exploitative” NFTs

Xbox head Phil Spencer He has clearly stated his position on non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) in the field of video games-it can be said that he is not attracted by their ideas.

Talk to Stephen Totillo Aksios, Spencer pointed out that he is cautious about the industry’s increasingly fanatical way of NFT integration, which shows that-unlike Ubisoft, for example-Microsoft will not chase this gimmick in the short term.

“What I want to say on NFT today is that I think there is a lot of speculation and experimentation happening, and some of the ideas I see today are more exploitative than entertainment,” Spencer said.

But does this mean that Xbox will never adopt some form of NFT integration? Probably not, it is not.

“I don’t think it is necessary to make every NFT game exploitable,” Spener continued. “I just think we are on a journey for people to figure it out. And I can understand that in the early days, you will see a lot of things that may not be what you want in the store.”

If Xbox does have some kind of blockchain and NFT integration at some point, then Spencer and co. hope it looks very different from now. “I think anything we see in the store that we say is exploitative, we will, you know, take action. We don’t want that kind of content,” Spencer concluded.

NFTs and cryptocurrencies are often widely ridiculed for their environmental impact, which is part of the reason why companies such as Steam refuse to integrate them into their platforms.