Photographers use DALL-E 2 AI to automatically edit images better than Photoshop

Artificial intelligence has recently entered the art world in a big way.Companies like Nvidia have been working on AI tools to make art with basic curves (opens in new tab)And robotic AI artists are doing unique and interesting paintings. (opens in new tab) Recently, the internet has been flooded with images created by the DALL-E 2 art robot, which can create images with just a few words. They’re often the perfect mix of impressive and utterly damned, like these AI-generated Duke Nukem (opens in new tab).

While these AI art bots are able to generate fresh meme content on a regular basis, they are their core, tool and a photographer (by PetaPixel) found the software to be of great use. Instead of creating the entire image as described in DALL-E 2, they used it to clean up the shot, and the result looked more impressive than Photoshop.