Pictures of the new unknown movie set show Tom Holland as young Nathan Drake

TheĀ· unknown Movies have been narrowed down since the concept came to fruition.From the impressive roster of board changes to the fight against the pandemic, the adaptation of this game is something that many weren’t convinced we were actually getting at Marvel. Spiderman Tom Holland plays the much younger Nathan Drake. As the film approaches its release, there are new set photos to look at to better understand how the Netherlands fits into his role.

With Mark Wahlberg playing the young Sally and the Netherlands playing the role of Nathan Drake, the next film explores aspects of the game that we could only see with a small glimpse. In Drake’s flashback scene since teens, the next movie explores how this iconic character has become a staple in the gaming world.

In the article by New York Times Dive into Sony’s further vested interests in game adaptation and new ones are still shared Unknown:

Sony Pictures Entertainment via NY Times

For those who may even forget that this movie is happening, an unknown live-action movie was told before the game with the young adult protagonist we’ve seen several times throughout the franchise. Follow the story. The film has been hit by many rumors of cancellation due to constant hand changes and years of development hell stuck. Fortunately, even the voice behind Drake himself seems to be all pulled together, as it gives a sign of his official approval.

After changing some different dates unknown The movie will arrive on February 18, 2022.

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