Pikmin Bloom is now available in Europe

The official Twitter accounts of Nintendo and Pikmin Bloom confirmed this morning that Pikmin-based smartphone games are now available for European users to download on the App Store and Google Play. There is no mention of the delayed release between North America and Europe, but the cute Pikmin game can now be downloaded, which doesn’t matter. Pikmin Bloom, developed by Pokemon GO developer Niantic, invites players to walk a short distance every day to plant Pikmin and let the flowers bloom.This is from app Store.

“Plant your Pikmin, let the flowers bloom, and record your precious memories through simple walking actions. Whether you are taking a short walk around the corner or commuting to work, today is the first day of Pikmin’s remaining adventures! Call yours Squad, embark on a journey of rediscovery, every step is important.

Walk to grow more Pikmin. Every step of Pikmin grows from seedlings. Once they are big enough, pull them out and let them follow. The more you go, the more Pikmin will join your squad!

Walk and let the flowers bloom. Collect petals from your Pikmin’s head and plant them as you walk to leave beautiful traces of blooming flowers wherever you go.

Walk to record your memories. At the end of the day, check your steps and the path you have traveled, and revisit the photos you took throughout the day. Don’t forget to send your Pikmin on an expedition to pick up the fruits and seedlings passing by on the way home!

Many Pikmin want to meet. There are seven kinds of Pikmin, each with its own characteristics. For example, some can fly, and some are very strong. When your friendship level reaches a certain threshold, your Pikmin may bring back a gift with items to help them become decorative Pikmin.

Respond to challenges with Pikmin. The nearby mushrooms are a great way to get plenty of fruit. When you encounter a mushroom blocking your way, you can send your trusted Pikmin squad to charge to make way. “

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