Place an “Undo” button in each strategy game

Old World is the best new strategy game of 2021. It borrows the most radical mechanics from Microsoft Word. You can undo any operation by pressing Ctrl-Z.

Usually, this is a feature reserved for spelling errors, but the developer Mohawk Games allowed us to reverse time on the front lines of war, urban areas, and rural ranches. Have you sent a spear barracks to the wrong department and wasted your neighbor bonus? Undo. Have you misread the defensive integer and accidentally sacrificed the settlers in an extremely stupid way? Undo. Have you decided that your heir wants to study philosophy, but if you think about it, maybe he is more suitable to be a mathematician? Undo. Literally, every action in the old world can be rolled back immediately without any consequences. The game will not call you nincompoop because of your tactical mistakes, and will not deduct any points for accumulated Ctrl-Z at the end of the era. In the old world, everyone makes mistakes.

(Image source: Mohawk Games)

I can’t tell you how revolutionary it feels. I am a long-term civilized player and many things have happened. I absently dispatched a worker to an empty farm, but was shocked by a terrible thought: no no! I want him to build a mine! What am I doing! too late. That farmer is trapped in the cultivated land, reducing the overall efficiency of your game plan to an imperceptible degree.