Planet of Lana will be available on Xbox Series X and PC Windows in late 2022

Lana’s planet A beautiful new movie puzzle adventure game from Swedish indie studio Wishful. This was announced at the kick-off event of the Summer Game Fest on Thursday.

The story continues as Lana and her animal companion embark on a mission to save Lana’s sister. Once a place of perfect harmony between humans and nature, their planet has fallen into turmoil and now has to endure a faceless army.

But what’s interesting is that the game is clearly not about war or conflict. “This is a story about a beautiful, vibrant planet and the journey to keep it that way.” The explanation from the developer said..

The world of Planet of Lana looks great. As you can see in the trailer, the game boasts stunning hand-drawn graphics and a Miyazaki-style world.

In one release, visual style was shared as “combining hand-drawn artwork, complex parallax layering, and subtle use of 3D graphics to give an interactive painting look.” The game runs on high-end PCs and Xbox Series X at native resolution of 4K, 60 frames per second and “brings that amazing artwork to life.”

In the trailer, you can see a young woman, Lana, hugging a cute, chewy black creature. The opening scene is quiet. There is a big moon in the background, tall grass blows in the breeze, and birds singing in the background.

But when the camera zooms out, dozens of rockets appear to be rapidly approaching the planet. It’s tough, but a fascinating juxtaposition that introduces us to that new world.

Lana’s planet It will be available on PC Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2022 in the second half of 2022.