Platinum Games postponed Sol Cresta

Earlier this year, Platinum Games announced that they are working with Hideki Kamiya to develop Sol Cresta. The classic-style shooting game was originally scheduled to be released on Nintendo Switch and other platforms on December 9. However, in a recent live broadcast, Mr. Kamiya stated that it is impossible for Platinum Games to be on this specific date and therefore they decided to postpone the game. Mr. Kamiya will not specify a new release date for Sol Cresta, but it is expected to be available sometime next year. You can read Hideki Kamiya’s statement below.

“The release date of Sol Cresta is December 9th… I worked hard to determine that date, but I’m sorry, that release date is no longer possible. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize very sincerely… for keeping you waiting, we apologize.

“…We really apologize for postponing the game, but some timetable issues, some quality issues that we want to focus on, to make sure everything is normal, we made the difficult decision to postpone the release.”

source / pass through