Platinum is interested in bringing Star Fox Zero to Switch

in a interview Together with VGC, Atsushi Inaba, the head of Platinum Games studio, expressed that the studio is interested in revisiting Wii U Star Fox Zero Used for Switch re-release. “Unfortunately, people cannot play old games because they are locked out of the platform, so we certainly want to bring any of these old games to the new platform if possible.”

Inaba’s statement of interest was affected by Nintendo’s being the ultimate goalkeeper for a potential re-release. “The important thing to remember is that because it is Nintendo’s IP, the creativity comes from Mr. Miyamoto himself,” Inaba said. “We must respect what Miyamoto wants to do.”

The Star Fox Zero released for Wii U in 2016 was well received. The game has been criticized for its control scheme, which can be fixed with a potential Switch version. Nintendo has been using the Switch as a life raft for games that are trapped on the under-selling Wii U, such as Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and The Legend of Zelda: Sky Sword. But every game that has returned has been widely loved to some extent, so there may be no interest in re-examining “Star Fox Zero”.

Nevertheless, it is always a good thing that more people can use more games. In the past, Nintendo’s re-releases have done very well, and even the less successful experiments should be recognized in the video game canon. It can only be a good thing for a game company to remember its own history.