PlatinumGames’ vertical shooter, Sun Crest, delayed

PlatinumGames’ vertical shooting game, Sol Cresta, This is the resurrection of a series that is more than 30 years old, Has been postponed.

The news comes from PlatinumGames’ “Sol Cresta: Hideki Kamiya’s very sorry live broadcast”, which was broadcast today, according to reports European playersThe stream features Sol Cresta’s new gameplay, but Kamiya, the lead game designer of PlatinumGames, also revealed that it will miss the December release date.

Kamiya said that he has no new release date to disclose, but he hopes to announce it early next year.

As early as when Sol Cresta was announced, it was revealed as the successor to the vertical scroll arcade games Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta originally developed by Nichibutsu. Sol Cresta will follow in the footsteps of previous Cresta games, because it will fly through the galaxy and destroy enemies in a classic vertical shooting arcade way. It will also allow players to connect with allies, just like the original game nearly 40 years ago.

At that time Solcresta’s announcement As early as August, Kamiya said, “We want to make all kinds of games…not just action games.” PlatinumGames is probably best known for its performance in game action-Neil Automata, Astral Chain, and the rise of Metal Gear. : Revenge, to name a few – but it seems that the studio is using Sol Cresta to prove that it can do vertical shooters, too.

As pointed out European players, Kamiya’s live broadcast showed Sol Cresta’s new Caravan Mode gameplay, which is a five-minute scoring attack mode. Kamiya also debuted its opening cutscene for the first time.

Sol Cresta was originally scheduled to land on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC on December 9, but it is now postponed to an unannounced date in the future.

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