Platinum’s new CEO mainly wants to focus on games that are different from the past, possibly live service

Japanese gaming site Famitsu has published an interesting interview with Platinum Games new CEO, Atsushi Inaba, in which he discusses the company’s approach to building video games going forward. Mr. Inaba says that they are looking to focus on games “that are different from the past” suggesting that Platinum Games is setting their sights on live service games like Destiny and Genshin Impact which “can be enjoyed and loved for a longer period of time”, compared to single player experiences which he sees as “one-off, well-designed” titles. Here’s what Mr. Inaba told Famitsu.

“Oops, I almost blurted out something important about where we are going,” Inaba hinted, when asked about the design philosophy behind GG.

“Project GG is still in the stage of testing various things, so I can’t tell you much about it, but when it comes to future game production, we want to focus on creating games that are different from the past. I would like to focus on creating games that can be enjoyed and loved for a longer period of time.”

He added: “Of course, we would like to cherish and create small but brilliantly conceived games such as Sol Cresta, and games in which you can enjoy the process of clearing the game by going through one-off, well-designed stages, such as Bayonetta.

“However, the projects that we are trying to create for the future will be different in terms of their structure. Considering the changes in the market over the next five years or so, I think it is absolutely necessary for us to do this. I ‘m sorry for being so vague, but I think that’s all I can tell you right now.”

“I want to lead PlatinumGames in a direction that is pure and unadulterated, and never look back. I think that’s my role now.”